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The Student Expo Committee is a committee within the Houston Geological Society solely focused on the planning and execution of the annual Geoscience Student Expo held in Houston, TX and virtually. We are a group of industry professionals and student volunteers that love the geosciences and aiding students gain real-world experience.

Our Story

Started in 1999, the Houston Student Expo has evolved into the largest geoscience student expo in the United States. It offers a unique platform for the geoscience industries and students to network while focusing on recruitment. With Texas as a major hub for various geoscience industries, the Houston Student Expo has always received tremendous support from the industries and students alike.

2020 was a challenge for everyone but also an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. The Houston Student Expo seized this opportunity by hosting the event virtually, but more importantly, by bringing industry diversity to students. 2020 was our first year to attract a major geotechnical and environmental company to actively recruit. We hope to continue this momentum by expanding our efforts in the geothermal, environmental, government, CCUS, mining, renewable energy, and GIS industries.


Interested in volunteering? Have any questions? Feel free to contact the leadership team.


Sushanta Bose

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Committee Chair



Amanda Johnston

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Vice Chair

Geologist @ Hess Corp

Cecilia Ramirez

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Strategy and Planning

Geophysicist @ Ascent Resources

Casey Langdon

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Marketing and Branding

Business Analyst @ TGS


Andrew Stearns

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University of Houston Student Volunteer


Halina Haider

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University of Houston Student Volunteer

Kenneth Shipper

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University of Houston Student Volunteer

Mohammed Abdelfatah

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University of Houston Student Volunteer

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